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We associate massage with a feeling of being pampered, a feeling of sumptuous luxury where we can release the stress, strains and tensions of everyday life. Drawing from a range of health-giving disciplines and the information client’s provide, Wendy touches with compassion and presence. An intuitive, integrated and holistic solution structured to create rapid results naturally and with ease, her work is a meditative and intuitive flow of movement aimed at melting away tension and stress while guiding you to the deepest levels of relaxation with the main focus on enhancing “Body Being & Wellness”, when physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects are in alignment.

  • Improve overall physical health
  • Relieve pain and stress
  • Balance the nervous system
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Uncover and balance emotions
  • Induce relaxation
  • Transform and facilitate inner harmony and wholeness
  • and so much more

Benefits of Swedish performed on a heated padded table, long soothing fluid strokes manipulate soft tissue for the sole purpose of relaxation.Pressure can be adjusted according to sensitivity and preference.A Swedish massage can improve emotional well-being, help you sleep better, and boost the immune system.

Benefits of hot stones the addition of heated stones enhances the relaxation without excessive pressure.Recommended for those suffering from chronic pain, fibromyalgia, and arthritis.

Benefits of cupping cupping therapy is an ancient form of alternative medicine in which special cups are put on the skin creating a vacuum by suctioning out the air. The purpose of cupping is to enhance circulation and help relieve pain by pulling out the toxins that linger in the tissues. It is designed to help with inflammation, blood flow, relaxation/well-being, and as a type of deep-tissue massage. You may feel a tight sensation in the area of the cup. Often, this sensation is relaxing and soothing. Cups may be moved around or left in place. Cupping may cause the skin to temporarily turn red, blue, or purple, especially if there is an injury or energetic blockage under the area that was cupped. The skin discoloration can last anywhere from a couple of hours to a couple of weeks, and is rarely painful. Once the marks clear, the procedure can be repeated. You ought to consider exploring the benefits of cupping if you seek relief from anxiety and stress, body aches and pains, allergies, or fatigue.

Benefits of tuning forks tuning forks are used for “healing” because of their ability to emit vibrations and frequency. Tapping tuning forks will almost instantaneously alter the body’s biochemistry and bring the nervous system, muscle tone and organs into harmonic balance. It brings the body to its natural rhythm which helps induce deep relaxation. When a tuning fork is struck, it not only vibrates the fork but also vibrates the surrounding air space with the same frequency of vibration.This sends the vibration as an impulse through the air. This vibration can be harnessed to help increase the health-giving energy inside.

Benefits of Reiki Reiki (ray-key) is neither massage nor a "faith healing" practice. Reiki is a Japanese term meaning "Universe Life Force." It is a powerful technique that allows the practitioner to transmit unpolarized healing energy. As tension, tightness, stress and strain melt away, you may feel it being replaced with the positive universal life-force energy. Reiki is a hands-on health-enhancing art. It is the transference of the universal life-force energy Ki (light energy) through an attuned Reiki practitioner. A practitioner attuned to Reiki becomes the conduit through which energy flows to a person needing to regain health and well-being. Reiki brings balance to the human system, restoring the natural flow of energy.


Everybody deserves a massage stress reduction/relaxation is just around the corner. Danville Massage and Coaching Hypnotherapy is the perfect little get-away, warm and cozy. A quaint setting to experience the relaxing touch of massage. You’ll just want to let go and unwind in this holistic environment. Imagine soft music playing in the background, allowing yourself to escape for an hour or so while Wendy gently massages the stress of the everyday world away from your body.

Issues in the tissues when massage therapy isn’t enough science is finally waking up to the concept of cellular memory. If there is a component, being an emotional attachment in the tissues, then a deeper cleansing process may need to take place to get to the root cause of the physical pains created by emotions. This is where the integration of energy psychology, reflective transformations coaching, and advanced methods & concepts hypnotherapy Wendy calls, "taking it to heart and doing the HEART (Health Enhancing Affirmation Response Technique) system" can help.



Experience shows that when the HEART system precedes a massage,
the combined effect can be superior to either technique alone.

Allowing the mind and body to live in harmony is the greatest gift we can give ourselves.



Please read the following testimonial:

Testimonial from Bonnie It was so great getting to work with Wendy. It truly changed my life. Coming to see her with great sadness and working through it is something I will never forget. Believing in myself is the biggest priority in my life and I can't thank you enough Wendy for allowing me to do that again. It’s the best gift I could have ever given myself.

In my search to find a hypnotherapist I found that there is a difference with their methods and styles. I hoped to be in a completely relaxed state which would enable me to receive positive suggestions to achieve the changes I desired. From this experience I learned that if there is any resistance to the change desired then the suggestion will not be successful in the long term. I learned that this most likely indicates that a deeper process may need to take place. This is when I discovered Wendy and was taught when the resistance is released first there is a much better chance for a long term if not permanent change.

I learned that in the past my body’s way of dealing with an issue was to clamp down on the suppressed emotion faster than I was able to express and release the emotion. I learned that is called an “Abreaction”. I learned that my body was only doing exactly what it was supposed to do, which is what it has learned and is familiar with. To the subconscious mind what is familiar is what is safe and secure, not necessarily right, wrong, good or bad. After learning to listen to my body and allowing my body to speak to me, it responded in ways words alone could not. Through this process I discovered that I was focusing on the issue versus allowing myself to feel my feelings. When I allowed myself to feel the feelings I was able to bring them up to the surface which allowed me to acknowledge and release them which made me feel so much better.

Although it was not mandatory I decided to continue the process by accepting Wendy’s combo package which was three hours of bliss. I received a soothing spiritual hot stone massage which included a chakra cleansing and meditative breath-work. It was amazing to feel my muscles, which were previously tight, let go and relax. As an added bonus I felt a surge of energy which I was not expecting to experience. I left the cottage with a renewed sense of peace and relaxation flowing through my body in addition to added clarity with regards to the direction of my life. Now that I understand that it is a constant process I will continue with my therapeutic sessions. Thank you again Wendy for guiding me through—it truly is a fantastic awakening.

Please visit Wendy’s coaching hypnotherapy page for more information.

Personal statement from Wendy My goal throughout our work together is to help you to feel your best.
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