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About Wendy since 1988, Wendy has developed and practiced effective massage and bodywork strokes and techniques for deep relaxation, relief of discomfort and revitalization. Drawing on intuition and information from clients, she works with compassion and presence. Her work is a meditative, intuitive flow of movement aimed at melting away muscle tension while guiding them to discover the deepest levels of relaxation.

Wendy also can help with issues of inner peace and satisfaction through her unique blend of reflective transformations coaching and advanced methods & concepts hypnotherapy she calls the HEART (Health Enhancing Affirmation Response Technique) system. Wendy has proven techniques to deal with issues, such as stress, anxiety, fears and phobias that may be getting in the way of optimum performance. Negative feelings can create a negative perception about who you are, and often these thoughts and feelings are the root cause of many of the physical or mental pains that you may be coping with on a regular, if not, daily basis. Wendy’s role is to help you break free from the destructive and restricting hold these negative perceptions may have on your life.


Associations, education and training Wendy displays a profession and dedicated approach to on-going training and education. Wendy maintains high standards, so that she can be the very best for you. She is a certified member in excellent standing with the Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals, California Massage Therapy Council, and the National Guild of Hypnotists. She is the founder of Front Street Cottage, Inc., a holistic restorative center for stress relief through massage therapy and her integrated HEART system. Wendy is a certified massage therapist, certified reflective transformations coach, certified hypnotherapist, a Reiki Master, a mindful tapping and rubbing practitioner which is an offshoot of emotional freedom technique (EFT), and has advanced training in hypnotherapy methods and concepts. Since 1988, her training and education has met continuing education requirements.

Personal statement from Wendy My dedication to massage therapy, reflective transformations coaching, and advanced methods & concepts hypnotherapy stems from my involvement in interpersonal relationships, competitive martial arts, weight training, motorcycle riding, bowling, golfing, and dancing. Because of the substantial improvement I felt in incorporating the above methods with my activities and my positive sense of self awareness, I have dedicated my practice empowering others to reach their full potential and obtain the aspirations they have for themselves.

My sessions with you are designed to help your individual needs. Every session is unique, revealing, and fun; no two sessions are the same; all session are confidential. I implement an eclectic mix of techniques to help you achieve the success and breakthroughs you desire.

My system is designed to help restore you to the radiant liveliness and internal harmony you seek for yourself. The combination of these innovative therapies can result in better health, flexibility, and the ability to deal with the stress of both physical activity and daily life.

"Wendy has been professionally associated with my clinic since 1995, performing Massage Therapy specializing in deep muscular massage for soft tissue rehabilitation.  Patients’ response to her therapy has been excellent.  Wendy is a person who loves her work, and actively listens to and promotes her clients' needs.  She is sincere and honest; a thorough, hardworking professional of the highest moral character.  She has been extremely reliable and conscientious, and also has a sunny disposition and is a pleasure to be around.  I highly recommend her."

~ Dr. Charlie Prins, Applied Kinesiologist, Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician, Albany, CA

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