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If you are thinking about coaching hypnotherapy or walk/talk life coaching to improve your life, you have come to the right place. Wendy's integrated approach might be the most powerful and effective system for creating life-enhancing changes.

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It’s a game changer for powerful transformation.

Wendy helps executives in transition achieve their goals, make changes they never imagined could happen, and even mend difficult relationships they thought were at their end.


Release the struggle within and create an abundant life any struggle on the outside is a reflection of the struggle on the inside. Experience how you can eliminate the internal struggle(s) holding you back from reaching your dreams and goals.

Designed for those who are committed to rejuvenate themselves and their lives Wendy’s revolutionary HEART system tends to be quicker than most traditional techniques to help resolve problems at the root cause, which can quickly help you feel better about yourself and your life.

How an issue evolves into what it is today notice the upside down pyramid to the right. This represents how your problem has evolved. The brick on the bottom is the first situation in your life which has started the building process. It represents some situation, thought or idea that has occurred in your past which was too painful to deal with at the time. All by itself it does not amount to much; however, given the right circumstances and enough reinforcement in subsequent days, months and years (represented by the next three layers of bricks) it can develop into some real troublesome symptoms (the top layer of bricks). This is where you currently are with this issue, although you may not realize it as it may be shrouded among many other pyramids you have constructed over the years. Each brick on the top layer, one of your possible many pyramids, could represent a different symptom. Some common symptoms are compulsive eating, low self-esteem, insecurity, headaches, drug abuse, anxiety, panic attacks, chronic illnesses, etc. Through the HEART system, we can quickly find and cleanse the root experience (first brick) and the major secondary experiences (next 3 layers of bricks) of these old feelings and perceptions. This will result in minimal to zero resistance allowing Direct Suggestion to lead to lasting, positive changes.

Feelings are meant to come and go triggers in the now, bring up the trances of the past.  Example: Anxiety.  What is anxiety?  There's something in the now that I am thinking about (or the near future) that is creating a negative reaction in me.  Anxiety is just a symptom of too much adrenaline from repressed emotions.  It’s not the events that cause the damage to our well-being, it’s how we respond to them. Stress & anxiety is a natural part of our daily lives. It provides us with input that we need in order to choose which reactions are needed for the current situation causing the stress and anxiety. 

How’s that work then?when we came into this world we were holistic. As babies we go through the flow of our emotions quickly and come back into alignment to our holistic mind, that is when our body-mind, conscious-mind and subconscious-mind are in homeostasis (all working as one). However as we grow up we became adulterated by all those around us with their thoughts, ideas, perceptions, patterns that took us out of alignment with our true authentic self. We started to splinter off, break apart into what we call the conscious, subconscious and the body. It’s important to understand that all three parts have to come back into union. We need to express the physical body sensation along with the subconscious emotion along with the conscious word(s) to describe what it is that has been held onto to clear and cleanse what’s been held inside so the wisdom, clarity and understanding can come forth. The wholeness of our minds needs the connection of all three to complete and integrate all parts so we can come back into balance and peace, back into autonomy and harmony, to be our true authentic selves.


Miracles can happenalthough wonders can transpire in one session, significant results usually are produced in 6 to 8 sessions (about one week apart). Each following session tends to be much more successful because the mind/body connection learns through experience and your confidence increases, which helps you to make successful, life enhancing changes. 


Personal statement from Wendy if stress and anxiety can make "it" worse, the integrated coaching hypnotherapy HEART system can help.  I enjoy helping individuals connect more with their own inspiration and empowerment and live out their lives more in the present moment -- moment by moment in balance and peace. 

If you struggle with stress, procrastination and time management, self-doubt, fears, addiction, depression, phobias, anxiety... you owe it to yourself to experience the integrated coaching hypnotherapy HEART system. This process can help you navigate and overcome these very common challenges, freeing up more time and energy to create and live the life you came here to live -- spend more time feeling fulfilled and alive today!

So, what if you started giving yourself more credit? What if for today you choose to believe that you have enough, that you are enough, and that you’ve come far enough to be worthy?  And, what if, for today, you choose to believe that you’re strong enough, wise enough, kind enough, and loved enough to move forward. …What if, as the sun sets on today, you choose to believe that you did a pretty good job? And, what if, tomorrow morning you choose to believe it all over again?

In summary, receive balance and peace, freedom, and all the abundance that you deserve. Elicit your holistic mind in the process and FREE yourself from whatever is holding you back. If you have any questions, ask me so we can take care of any fears or misconceptions, so you can have wonderfully powerful and positively successful sessions; because, I want you to succeed just as much as you want to succeed. I look forward to helping you along the road to your success.

"Wendy Goldstein is the most incredible Hypnotherapist Coach I know. I work with her via Skype because I have so much tension in my body and driving would add more to me right now. Wendy is so professional and so very good at what she does. She is able to reach areas in my soul/body to help me release all of my issues this life and past life issues that I seem to be carrying forward. Wendy has helped me get close to my heart, to help me release so that I may enjoy life to the fullest. I have not found anyone else that is able to do this like Wendy. I Highly Recommend Wendy. She is amazing! The only thing you have to lose in not trying Wendy Goldstein is the great opportunity to enjoy life to the fullest from her services!" ~ Patrice G., San Jose, CA
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