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Monday/Tuesday/Thursday - 9am-9pm (last 90 min massage at 5pm / last coaching hypnotherapy at 7pm w/max of 15 min massage)

Wednesday - 6am-12:00pm (last 90 minute session at 10:30am)

Friday - 6am-5pm (last 90 minute session at 3:30pm)


Introductory massage sampler session Experience a restorative massage that will open you up to appreciate complete relaxation in mind, body and soul! Integrating aromatherapy Swedish massage with Reiki energy and per your request at no extra charge experience one or more of the following: hot stones, hot towel treatment, bodywork with cupping, tuning forks/vibrational healing, a creative guided imagery, mindful meditation breath work with a positive affirmation, a chakra cleanse, energy psychology transformation through muscle testing, and/or an emotional cleanse exercise detox through shaking. (up to $140 value)


Massage rates per session
FULL 30 minutes - $45
FULL 60 minutes - $80
FULL 90 minutes - $115

Amazing super savings $420
on any package*
4-90 minutes or
6-60 minutes or
10-30 minutes

*Maximize your massage experience For just $10 add any one of the following or three or more for $25:

hot stones, hot towel, cupping, tuning forks, creative guided imagery, chakra cleanse, mindful meditation breath work with a positive affirmation, and/or holographic breath work with therapeutic shaking

and as a reminder Aromatherapy, Reiki energy, and energy psychology transformation through muscle testing are always added in FREE of charge. Just ask!


Heart Centered Healing's Walk and Talk Life Coaching, or
Reflective Transformations Coaching and Advanced Methods & Concepts Hypnotherapy (coaching hypnotherapy) Rate per session $125 (up to 90 minutes does not include massage)** Introductory offer save $25

Package of three or more Rate per session $100 (up to 90 minutes does not include massage)**

Experience shows when Wendy’s unique blend of coaching hypnotherapy precedes her massage therapy, this can be superior to either technique alone.

**Integrate massage therapy immediately following a walk and talk life coaching or coaching hypnotherapy for only $1.00 a minute to include creative guided imagery mindful meditation, breath work with Reiki energy, a positive affirmation, and tuning forks


Wendy Goldstein unifies a range of modalities to help achieve optimal health and well-being. All sessions are confidential and based on the client's needs, leaving participants reaping wonderful benefits.

Don't delay, schedule your health enhancing session today.

Personal statement from Wendy Perhaps you want to feel relief from the tension, tightness, stress, and strain causing havoc in your muscles? Maybe you simply want to pamper yourself, to feel better, calmer and more relaxed?  Maybe you have something more serious such as a chronic condition?  Whatever your issue may be that is stopping you from feeling good and being the person you want to be, Danville Massage and Coaching Hypnotherapy integration will help you on your journey to health and happiness. You are a divine reflection of the universe, and you deserve all that it has to offer.  I would be honored to serve you and help you feel better than you’ve felt in years.  Explore my integrated approach to embrace the abundance that surrounds you.


"Wendy is amazing and I am so thankful she is close by. I have periodic sciatic issues and Wendy really knows how to help me. I saw her two weeks in a row and have felt great now for about a month. Wendy really tries to read the physical body and then allows a way for the spiritual side (or whatever you want to call it) connect, let go and heal. I saw her for a massage right before I had a hysterectomy last July and she did a little guided imagery that was very useful for the healing process. I am not a person into hypnosis so I cannot comment on that, but time and again she proves to be a very skilled (and reasonably priced) massage therapist and I am a HUGE fan!"

~ Tam F, San Ramon CA

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